Congratulations to all the 2024 ESO Teams!

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The 2023-2024 Bay Area Elementary Events are:

  • Bones: students will take a written test on the skeletal system
  • Crime Busters: Students use forensic principles to identify a crime suspect
  • Earthquake!: students will take a written test on earthquakes and plate tectonics
  • Mars: students will take a written test on the subject of Mars
  • Mystery Architecture: Students build a structure with an unknown set of materials
  • Naked Egg Drop: Students build a device to prevent a dropped egg from breaking
  • Teamwork: The whole team participates in a team science activity


Congratulations to all the participants at our first 2023 Bay Area Regional Elementary Science Olympiad!

BARESO Committee
This in-person 3-day summer camp was produced by the high school SciOly club officers and team captains. They also supervised and taught all the sessions.


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2020-21 Elementary Virtual Summer Camp

CVHS Science Olympiad Club spearheaded CV’s first virtual summer STEAM camp for the CV Elementary School students.    Below are the CVHS STEAM TEAM campers, the CVHS Event Supervisors and the events they taught. 
“Dylan had loads of fun and was very engaged. Thank you for organizing such a great event and patiently explaining to the kids.”
“Brandon loved it and said he would do it again. He liked that he had all the materials and was able to follow along. Organizers were very prepared and spoke very well. They took time to explain and also keep the kids engaged.”
“Naina loved it a lot. And kudos to the CVHS student teachers, the events were presented well and interesting to kids. And thank you to the head coaches. Wish this was longer 🙂.”
“Miles enjoyed both Gummie Bear Osmosis and Density Towers activities. “It was great!””


2019 CVESO (Castro Valley Elementary Science Olympiad)

Science Olympiad Mailing List

2018 CVESO (Castro Valley Elementary Science Olympiad)




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