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Congratulations to 2021-2022 Canyon and Creekside SciOly Teams! You guys Rocked at the Regionals!

2021-22 Creekside Team – First Place Winners!
Canyon Middle School Third Place Winners!



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Congratulations to both Creekside and Canyon for making it to the 2021 STATE  Science Olympiad competition!  Yahoooo!

Bay Area Regional:  Creekside Blue 3rd  |  Creekside Gold 4th
Canyon Red 5th |  Canyon Gold 6th  (out of 12 teams)

State:  Creekside 7th  |  Canyon 12th (out of 32 teams)

Canyon & Creekside participated in the following 2020-21 competitions!

BEARSO Invitational  10/10/20 (Canyon & Creekside)
University of Chicago Invitational 1/23/21 (Canyon & Creekside)
Harvard-Brown Invitational 1/31/21 (Canyon)
Sierra Vista Invitational 2/6/21 (Canyon & Creekside)
University of Michigan Invitational 2/20/21 (Creekside)
Bay Area Regional Science Olympiad 3/6/21 (Canyon & Creekside)


Congratulations to both Canyon and Creekside teams for an epic year! 

Christensen Invitational on February 1, 2020, Livermore


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Creekside brought home the trophy for 3rd place and Canyon came in 8th place at

Christensen SciOly Invitational!



Science Olympiad Mailing List